Some girls were born with GLITTER in their veinsΒ 

Went into the bathroom. On my way out I noticed something that caught the light. I was convinced it was glitter from the tulle earlier when making the hats for the girls costumes. It was glitter alright…but in a much different sense. It was glitter STRANDS. Many of them. 
I’ve been ignoring them for awhile now,owning the fact that they are indeed coming. And now they are long…some over 2inches. They are bright like tinsel. They stick straight out or up. You can’t miss them really.
And while stating at them I had the urge to pluck each one out… and I did look for the tweezers. But thankfully my jerk children moved all 4 pairs that we have,and so none were in the bathroom. 
So I stood there–looking at my glitter strands. Thinking wtf I’m not even 32 yet. I looked harder. Mixed in with those glitter strands were streaks of fire engine red Irish and golden blonde scottish hair. Brown hair so dark it’s practically black now. Those are the colors ive passed on to each of my children….& those same jerk kids gave me those glitter strands. 
So no I won’t be hiding them. I will let them be crazy and bright. They may even blind you if you look directly at them. But they are mine and I’ve earned them. 
Besides…. everything’s better with glitter right???


Tough choices

Though many times we choose the right choice–we must all admit we highly consider the ones we know someone will call CPS for. 

Currently my 2yr old is still asleep(yes the very one who was up past 11pm). 11yr of has camp at 830. Do I let the 6yr old babysit while I run out for 5 minutes?! 


My 5yr old is a bad ass.Β 

 Yesterday my husband did tree work. He brought home about 2 trees already cut up but he needed to chop them up to stack them.  My 5yr old went out to help him stack the logs. She went out at 1pm & stopped at 3pm to play with her friend. The tallest section has another behind it that was only half way. So she stacked 3 sections of wood all on her own. 

I hate Mother’s Day. & im a mother.Β 

I had my oldest when I was 20. I said goodbye to my 20’s filled with crazy nights of drinking with friends at the bar. Of dreams of going away to college. Of actually FINISHING community college & getting a degree in anything. Instead I said hello to nights filled with bottle feelings and puke out of a small human. Instead of buying beer, I bought formula. I gained 40lbs & I never gave it back. 

When I was 25 I got married in May. October the following year I had kid 2.  Jan 2014 we welcomed our 3rd & final girl.  

Dec 2014- I turned 30. No party was thrown in my honor. No special gift was given.  No dinner was went to. I spent it like all the previous ones… With my husband & kids,mom & dad & my brother who I’m 97% not fond of. Oh & my birthday is on Christmas. So double shitty day. 

The day I came home from the hospital with my oldest was Mother’s Day. I should have known that day when my husband(bf at the time) gave me NOTHING. They literally drugged me & sliced me open only 3 days before & he couldn’t have been bothered to get me a single flower. Or a card. Or make me a fucking card.  Some years I’ve been surprised with flowers. Other years are a total let down. 

This year… Takes the cake.

I’m only 5′. I’ve been struggling with my weight for EVER. I was always told I carried a lil extra around the middle. I was always self conscience about it. The “fat” I had in high school I would GLADLY be that fat again. 100lbs was fat apparently. πŸ˜”  since having kids I struggle even worse. Starting June 1st I’ll be able to go to the gym thanks to insurance…I’m very excited. 

Woke up this morning,husband made breakfast. French toast. It was cold. Fine ok. The toddler DID cut her finger on a broken mug… I’ll let my cold brekkie slide. I haven’t heard a single “happy Mother’s Day” out of any of their mouths. My oldest gave me a card on Friday that she made in school. Nothing from the 5 & 1 yr old. Nothing from the husband. Didn’t go anywhere. Watched DVr all day like any other day. Not going out for dinner. I’ll prolly end up cooking.

Normally for Father’s Day I make him a shirt. Most times it has their handprints on it. That’s not happening this year. I’m not going to take time out of my busy day to make shirts & deal with paint to show we appreciate you. No one appreciates me. 
β€’I love my children. But I hate Mother’s Dayβ€’

I’ll hold onto the 90’s forever


This is so true. I was a 90’s kid & forever will be. Sure I had Nintendo & Super Nintendo. But I also played outside 95% of the day. TV & video games were for nighttime & rainy days. I would walk my stuffed dog around the block. Ride my bike to my friends house. I took my inside toys outside & made new worlds. I had chalk and bubbles. i played with my skip-it til my legs were jelly. I had a swing set with a small play fort near the slide. We had dirt & I dug in it. I played with barbies and animals,sometimes with friends,sometimes for hours alone. Once in a while I made my brother(who is 7yrs younger then me) play barbies too. 

I have 3 children. My oldest will be 10 in a couple weeks. She’s been asked what she wants for her bday & she can’t give an answer. She has no imagination. She’s grown up in a world where after a certain age,you are supposed to act at least 3yrs older then you are. 

There are no toys for 10yr old girls. Hell even the toys for 5yr olds are all “babyish”. Their TV shows are too mature for them. They don’t need girls having crushes & kissing…they need a grey cat chasing a brown mouse…no words being spoken. Instead they have shows called uncle grandpa(insest anyone?). My kids recorded a show where all the girl did was screech & scream. I wanted to punch her cartoon face through the tv. 
I was on the phone with my sister today,both of us complaining our 5yr olds didn’t play with toys. She will sit on the kindle for hours. “Go upstairs & play with some toys” all I heard was crying for 20minutes.

So today I’ve decided our house needs a change. No tv. No kindle. No technology until after a certain time of day. Will this be hard on them as well as me? Sure. But a change needs to be made. & I need to be the one to make it. 

I love my tattoos…I don’t care if you don’t.Β 

  My mother always told me:

“if you get a tattoo I’m not paying for your wedding.”

“They use NEEDLES to give you a tattoo. You HATE needles” etc etc. 

well guess what. 2yrs after I was married I got my 1st tattoo & it was nothing! Lol.  

The big heart represented my husband,medium heart for my oldest daughter A & the small one for our youngest(but now our middle) child M.

& I was happy with it. I have lots & lots of tattoo ideas in my head,some crazy detailed & big,others not so much. So why aren’t I covered head to toe yet? Because they are flippin expensive! Sigh.

So a year or so later I got my clover on my foot. The tattoo shop down the street was doing $20 quarter sized clovers bc it was st Patrick’s day. So down we went…there I sat…holy mother fucker did that bitch HURT. 

 but I love it.

Of course my mother doesn’t approve of them,or my nose ring…. But my brother can walk around with a mullet,ripped jeans & an eyebrow piercing… OK.

Mother’s Day weekend 2014. I walk back into that very same tattoo shop & got a hummingbird in purple ink. The very next weekend…found out I was pregnant,so I couldn’t get the touch up it needed. 

Summer 2015 I went to get it touched up,my guy said lets do it over in black ink. 

 & then I decided to get this bad boy:  

obviously my biggest one yet. 

& I have plans for more 😏